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Queens University


The Opportunity:
Queens University, Charlotte, NC This project involved the renovation of existing older dining halls built in the 1950s. The design intent for the project was to create one open multi-venue dining space spanning between two older buildings. The end result was very modern open floor plan that incorporated the old and new structures to present students and staff with a fresh campus dining environment.

The Strategy:
This project design was based on Compass USA/Chartwells’ division “Pulse on Dining” presentation. The finished design included a Bakers Crust (deli/bakery concept), Fresh Market (for students on the go), Hearthstone (hearty home style cooking), My Pantry (create your own meal) as well as a full upgrade of the dishroom and tray drop off area in the main dining space.

Technical Data:

  • Construction Completion Date: 2009

Project Value: $ 1,200,000.00

Sq Footage: Servery: 4,118 sq ft.


  • The design intent included a diversity of venues developed and built within the existing mechanical, electrical and plumbing requirements of the space. Structural issues were a hugh concern based on the age of the current structures with the two buildings requiring replacement of walls and flooring as well as upgrading plumbing and electrical work to meet current code requirements.

Project Manager: Mark Bessette for Legends Group

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