Lounge 12

The PIH Whittier Lounge 12 is an interior improvement added into the existing Gift shop and office/storage rooms
that was completed in October 2021. The storefront was widened with a new wall and oversized window which creates
an early invitation to enjoy this new grab and go option. New foodservice kitchen equipment
has been added, new casework, signage, lighting, Audio Video network equipment and new finishes throughout the space.


The PIH Whittier Starbucks is an interior improvement to add a Starbucks Café in a portion of the existing Lobby and was opened on December 1, 2021. New interior walls were constructed to create this exciting new concept. Recessed light fixtures and track lighting were added including new casework, counters, shelving, benches as well as new flooring and wall finishes.

The storage area was expanded by 65 square feet to accommodate side door access into this room for restocking without going through the front of the Starbucks area. Due to this expansion, this allowed for an extension to the banquette seating area where more lighting was added to the front of house area.

Tres Habaneros

The Tres Habaneros at Whittier offers a bright open dining option with plenty of high and low seating. This project was completed in June 2022 and received a new front line, back line, cabinetry, equipment, lighting, audio/video and furniture.  The menu items are of a Spanish Cuisine with pizza options as well as daily specials.